3 Questions to Ask Before Planting New Trees - Arbor Safe

3 Questions to Ask Before Planting New Trees - Arbor Safe

Nothing matches the beauty of a tree when it comes to adding character to your home’s landscaping. We may be a little biased, but in our opinion, adding a new tree or trees makes all the difference in the world when turning a house into a home! But, like any decision that you’ll likely live with for years to come, there are a few questions you must ask and answer before you plant those new trees!


The #1 most important question to ask yourself. Take inventory of exactly what you want from this tree. Is it to provide shade for hot summer days? What about noise blocking from a busy road? Perhaps you’ve always wanted a fruit tree that provides big red apples for your family to enjoy. Again, regardless of the reason, be sure to pick a tree that will satisfy the need.


There’s a saying that is true in business and in planting trees…”begin with the end in mind”! Stephen Covey said this in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleWhen planting a tree, one Beautiful Treemust keep in mind of what that tree will look like in “the end” or when it’s mature. If you plant a tree right next to your home under a set of power lines, you’ll need to be sure it is a tree that doesn’t grow tall or have a wide canopy. If you make a mistake in picking the wrong tree, you’ll likely end up removing it well before you’d like to.


Many people overlook the fact that with most trees, especially mature trees, there will be considerably more leaves to rake in the fall. That is unless you go with an evergreen tree! Again, refer to question #1…why am I planting this tree? Do a little research on the type of tree you are planting and see what you can expect come each autumn. Will this addition cause an unforeseen amount of work? Or are you going into this with your eyes wide open?

These are just a few of the very important questions to ask before planting a tree. With proper care, your new tree will outlive you by decades, or maybe even centuries. Choose wisely! If you need help, call your local certified arborists and let them help you make the decision. They have the experience needed to make sure you get what you want and plant it where it needs to be for a long and healthy life!

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