3 Signs You Need to Call Tree Trimmers - Arbor Safe

3 Signs You Need to Call Tree Trimmers - Arbor Safe

Tree trimming is one of those things that you probably don’t think about too much until something goes wrong. As trees grow, their roots spread and their limbs grow less reliable. That can pose a threat to your house, your vehicle’s, and yourself. When a storm comes, trese that are have not been trimmed recently are the most likely to fall. Also, fruit and nut trees need to be trimmed regularly to keep them producing healthily. So, how do you know if you need tree trimmers?

1 – The Branches Are Over Your Septic Tank

The roots of your trees are likely not very deep but they spread very wide. They provide the tree with nutrients and a stable base. A good rule of thumb is that a tree’s roots spread about two to four times as wide as the spread of branches. So, if the branches are halfway to your septic tank or even hanging over it, then the roots have likely spread that far as well. Roots are dangers to septic tanks and plumbing. It might not seem like soft tree roots can grow through metal pipes, but they can. A tree root is slow and persistent. Over time, it can punch through even a steel septic tank. Alternately, the root can grow around a pipe. As the root thickens, it squeezes the pipe until it bursts.

The only solution is cutting the roots or cutting down the tree entirely.

2 – The Tree Has Died

You can often tell if a tree is dead by checking the health of the trunk. If there are vertical cracks in the trunk, it has sustained damage that should have healed. Also, if you see fungus growing from the trunk of the tree, it is likely dead. Lastly, you should watch it during a time when other trees are green or flowering. If the tree is not producing leaves, it’s probably dead.

That means that the roots are beginning to lose their efficacy and the branches will be weakened; a strong wind can blow them over and damage your property. Trimming is the best solution.

3 – The Tree is Too Tall

You should greatly limit the number of trees that can fall on your roof. For example, a twenty foot tree should be at least twenty-five feet from your house. Therefore, if it falls, it won’t hit your house. Tree trimmers can limit the size of trees to make them safer and more manageable.

Commercial or residential, we look forward to being your tree professionals.

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