4 Ideas for Using Tree Trimmings - Arbor Safe

4 Ideas for Using Tree Trimmings - Arbor Safe

After you have a tree trimmed by professionals, they will offer to take away the tree trimmings. They tend to either recycle or resell them. They can be used for compost, lumber, or just firewood. However, they’ll often charge you to remove the trimmings. They’ll charge you to remove them and then turn around to sell them. So, why wouldn’t you just keep them and reuse them yourself? Most people have tree trimmers take away the trimmings because they don’t have the resources or the desire to repurpose them. You would need to know where to sell them or what to do with them. However, there are some simple projects that could change your mind about keeping the trimmings.


A Garden Fence

 If you keep your tree trimmings, you could make a charming fence out of the branches. The fence will be purely decorative. The process is pretty simple. First, pick out as many branches as you can find. It’s ideal to keep them in water as if they were flowers; this will ensure they stay supple until you’re ready to build your fence.

You’ll need gardening twine or wire as well. Then, you simply dig holes and place branches upright like fence posts. You can pour a little bit of cement in the holes if you want your fence to be sturdier. Place branches horizontally between your posts and secure them with gardening twine or wire. You’ll then have a fun fence for your garden.


Build Your Compost

 Composting is simply the natural process by which natural items break down into their constituent nutrients. You need a good mix of carbon-rich ingredients and nitrogen-rich ingredients. You can use the largest branches to create the walls of your compost pile. Build them into a rough square and secure them together with twine or wire. You can then stack your compost elements inside of them. You can even use leaves and thinner twigs as elements of the compost.


Mulch Them

 If you have a large number of leaves, you can make them into mulch. Lay them out on the lawn and run over them with a lawnmower. If you don’t have a lawnmower, you can lay a tarp over them and run over them with your car. Just make sure there’s nothing sharp in there. If you want to make your branches into mulch, you’ll need a mulcher. Alternately, you can use a saw if you are patient enough.

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