4 Situations To Start Calling a Boise Tree Removal Service for Help

4 Situations To Start Calling a Boise Tree Removal Service for Help

Boise’s nickname, the City of Trees, is well deserved. With over 40,000 trees in this city, these woodland structures are a common sight on residents’ doorsteps and roadways. Tall, wide, and full of life, these trees are a symbol of Boise’s charm and beauty.

But trees can also be dangerous if left unattended. It’s wise to call a Boise tree removal company when a tree near your property is in danger of falling. This will save your home from damage.

If you’re not sure when to call, read on for four situations that require a tree service professional.

reasons to call a tree removal service

1. Decay

Disease, insects, or a lack of nutrients can cause decay. In either case, decaying can lead to falling tree branches.

If a branch is discolored or soft, it could already be rotting away. The same goes for a tree’s trunk and roots. Other signs of decay are sparse leaves, fungi on the trunk, and spotted leaves.

A professional can tell if a decaying tree is in danger of falling and remove it before the problem escalates.

2. Leaning

If you’ve recently experienced strong winds, it’s possible that the force of those gusts tilted your trees to one side. Leaning is classified as a tree emergency. There’s no telling when it will fall.

When you notice that one of your trees is leaning, call a professional tree removal service. They’ll be able to take the necessary precautions and remove the tree before there’s any damage.

3. Large Overhanging Branches

Sometimes, tree branches are too big to be safe to leave alone. They might be too close to power lines, street lights, or even your windows. If these branches break and fall, they could cause an accident or even damage to your home.

The branches can also be a nuisance, dropping leaves and debris on your car or property. A professional will be able to take down the branches without damaging anything else around them.

4. Dying

A tree that is dying can be scary since it could fall over at any time. Unless you’re an arborist, it might not be clear to you whether a tree is dying. Here are some signs that your tree is dying:

  • Rot
  • Fungus
  • Termites
  • No leaves
  • Brittle bark
  • Root damage
  • Holes in the trunk
  • Falling branches

If you think your tree is dying, call a preventative tree care service for help. They’ll assess the situation to see if it’s time to remove the tree.

Contact a Boise Tree Removal Company Today

Trees add beauty and value to your property, but decaying trunks or branches can pose a serious threat. You can’t always tell when a tree is in trouble, so it’s best to be proactive. If you notice signs that your tree may fall soon, contact Arbor Safe Tree Service for removal.

Our Boise tree removal team can extract the tree safely. We’ll also clean up any debris left behind so that your yard looks just as good as before.

Commercial or residential, we look forward to being your tree professionals.

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