5 Tips for Choosing a Boise Tree Removal Company - Arbor Safe

5 Tips for Choosing a Boise Tree Removal Company - Arbor Safe

Did you know that tree removal can save other trees as well as prevent property damage? Removing sick or damaged trees might be your best choice.

There’s only one problem – how do you find the right company?

That’s where we come in. We’ll give you some advice on finding the perfect Boise tree removal service, as well as how to tell if you can trust them. Just read on.

Finding Boise Tree Removal Services

Knowing how to find the right tree care in Boise can be tricky. There are many factors to consider, and if you’re new to tree care it can feel a little overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled this list.

Whether you need tree trimming in Boise or outright tree removal, this list of tips will help you. You can use these and add your own ideas to the list later.

1. Proper Certification

A good tree removal service will always have at least one certified arborist on staff. This should be one of the first things you ask about when looking for a tree removal company.

Arborists will be able to tell you what you should do with the tree. They can tell if it needs to go or just needs a trim. They can also give suggestions on caring for trees.

2. Reputation

When looking for a professional tree remover, always look for reviews and recommendations. Recommendations from people you know and trust are ideal, as you know they wouldn’t lie about their experiences.

Failing that, look at a wide range of reviews on the companies available. This gives you a better picture of what the company is like and what its process is. It also lets you see where they specialize.

3. Insurance

When it comes to tree removal, you should always get proof of insurance. Tree removal is a dangerous, complicated job that poses risks to the employee and to your property. One tiny mistake could lead to huge costs, so don’t risk it by hiring an uninsured company.

Ideally, there should be two forms of insurance – worker’s comp and liability insurance. Do not proceed without proof that you are covered.

4. Compare Prices

Another good tip is to compare the prices of tree removal companies. You don’t want to pick someplace too cheap, but expensive rates aren’t a guarantee of good service either.

Look for companies that charge similarly, and that will tell you the average rate of a job.

5. Ask Questions

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask any questions you have. Professional tree removers will be prepared for this. They should be able to either answer your questions or get an answer for you.

Reach Out to Us

Now that you’ve heard all about how to find Boise tree removal services, you’re ready to start looking. Why not start with the best arborists in Boise – us?

If you’d like to follow the advice we gave you and see if we fit your standards, reach out to us here. We’re sure that we have an answer for any questions you might have – you’ll be delighted with our service!

Commercial or residential, we look forward to being your tree professionals.

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