What is an Arborist and Why Do I need One? - Arbor Safe

What is an Arborist and Why Do I need One? - Arbor Safe

An arborist is not just another landscaper, an arborist is a trained professional that specializes in tree care. Arborist have experience and training in the science of caring for, planting and maintaining trees. A certified arborist is a professional that has been certified by International Society of Arboriculture. To become a ISA-certified arborist you have to go through a rigorous certification test which tests all aspects of arboriculture.

Arborists work in a few different areas including tree removal, pruning, planting, emergency care and health. Arborists can help determine if a tree needs to be removed by identifying if the tree is dead or sick. Pruning needs to be done in a way that helps the tree grow properly and stay healthy. Emergency tree care is needed when a natural disaster has happened or other catastrophic event that has caused the tree to become hazardous. All of these different elements are important skills for an arborist and part of the training they go through.

Becoming an arborist takes a lot of work, they are required to have 3-years of field experience and stay up to date on techniques and changes in the industry. The training and experience make them the ideal choice for caring for your trees. They have the skills and knowledge to ensure your trees are trimmed and cared for properly. Just like any industry there are people that practice the craft without training. The training is so vital to a job well done.

Tree care may seem simple but there are a lot of different elements that need to be considered. The trees need to be properly pruned to prevent them from becoming sick. Also when trees are not pruned properly that can drop branches which can damage your property or hurt people. When you hire a professional you can rest assured that the tree will be trimmed, pruned, removed or cared for properly. An arborist will preserve the natural beauty of your tree and keep it safe for you to enjoy.

No matter what your tree needs are an arborist can help. Arborists are a great resource when planning your new landscaping as well. They will help you prevent mistakes which can cause damage to your home or extra cleanup of leaves or needles. They can help advise on what type of trees are good for your yard as well as where they should go.

Commercial or residential, we look forward to being your tree professionals.

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