When is the Best Time to Have Your Fruit Trees Trimmed? - Arbor Safe

When is the Best Time to Have Your Fruit Trees Trimmed? - Arbor Safe

Fruit trees are a great addition to any yard or garden. Almost all of them flower at some point during the year, creating beautiful blossoms and great fragrances. Those flowers are pollinated and mature into delicious fruit. It’s a great way to add some beauty and some free food to your lawn. However, many different fruit trees only flower every other year, or they only flower on new growth. You can encourage robust growth and larger fruit by keeping the trees trimmed. It also makes them far easier to manage as they grow in your yard. However, you shouldn’t have them trimmed at just any point of the year.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus trees tend to flower during the summer and then the fruits ripen throughout the winter. After that, they go somewhat dormant. This is oftentimes when gardeners will fertilize their trees so that they can soak up all of the nutrients during the downtime. This is also the best time to call professional tree trimmers to trim back your citrus trees. Many citrus trees only grow fruits on new branches. Therefore, you need to reduce the old buds as much as possible to make room for the new growth.

You should call tree trimmers in late winter to early spring. Make sure it’s after you’ve harvested the fruit but before it’s consistently warm enough that the tree is beginning to foliate again.

Apple Trees

In late winter and early spring, the apple tree tends to go dormant. During the summer, it is actively growing. You don’t’ want to remove any branches from an actively growing tree except for suckers that tend to grow at the joint of different branches. So, if you have apple trees, you want tree trimmers to come by after the apple picking season.

Cherry Trees

Cherry trees need to be pruned a little bit earlier in the season than apple trees or citrus trees. They can also be trimmed much more aggressively. They tend to go dormant earlier in the winter; therefore, you want to call tree trimmers as early as possible after the harvest of the cherries.

Nut Trees

Nut trees tend not to compete for resources and can grow nuts on the same branches over and over again. However, if the tree becomes too crowded, the branches begin to compete for sunlight. You can increase the growth by thinning out the trees. Call a tree trimmer every three years or so to keep your nut trees growing healthy. They should be trimmed after the harvest as well.

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