Can You Dispose of Your Own Trimmed Branches? - Arbor Safe

Can You Dispose of Your Own Trimmed Branches? - Arbor Safe

If you are looking for some way to cut down on your tree trimming costs, you might consider disposing of your own trimmed branches. In many cases, a tree trimming company will charge you for cutting down the trees and then charge you separately for disposing of the yard waste. So, if you can dispose of your own yard waste, you’ll reduce your expenses. However, that’s not always a guarantee. In some cases, it might cost you more to remove your own yard waste. Here’s what to do with it in order to save money.


Save It For Burning

 There are two kinds of wood, hardwood and softwood. Softwood is wood that comes from cone trees, which are trees with needles instead of leaves. The wood generally isn’t very good for burning anywhere except a campfire because it burns hot and quickly burns out. It’s also a very smoky fire. Hardwood can be used for fireplaces, outdoor fires, and barbecue smokers.

So, if you have an outdoor firepit, you can save all of your trimmed branches for that purpose. You should just be aware that the softwood will burn hot and smoky. Use that to help get the fire going but use hardwood for the bulk of the fire. If you’re burning it indoors or for barbecue, only save the hardwood.


Chipping and Grinding

 If you are only planning to trim trees occasionally, you can rent a wood chipper. If you’re going to be trimming trees regularly, such as at a ranch or farm, you might invest in the wood chipper yourself. Investing in one with multiple settings could be ideal. Wood chips are great for dressing around bushes and flowers. They can line a walkway or the base of a house as well. Actual sawdust is less useful for this purpose because it might blow away, but sawdust is a great addition to soil for gardening. It adds some body and some drainage to garden soil.


Waste Disposal

 In some municipalities, the local waste services will actually pick up yard waste. This is usually offered once a month or less often than the usual trash pickup. If you live in one of those areas, it’s no problem to just have them take away your trimmed branches.

In other places, you might have to call around for a service that will come pick them up. Depending on the types of trees you have, some companies will pick them up for free. If you have desirable woods such as cherry, oak, and mahogany, you might even get paid to get rid of your tree trimmings.

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