Can Pruning a Tree Make it Healthier? - Arbor Safe

Can Pruning a Tree Make it Healthier? - Arbor Safe

Pruning a tree is one of the most reliable ways to make it healthier. They can grow faster and more abundantly if you keep them properly trimmed. There are several different ways that a tree trimmer can cut your trees. They can lop the tree, prune the tree, or simply trim it. A trim will cut the tree to a certain size and shape with little regard for the health of the tree. A trim usually does not jeopardize the health of the three. Alternately, you can choose to have the tree lopped.

Lopping a Tree

Lopping a tree is the process of cutting the top off a tree with no regard as to the health of the tree. The health of the tree isn’t considered because lopping a drastic process that is usually a last resort. For example, if a tree grows so large that it’s in danger of falling on persons or property, lopping it can bring it down to a more manageable size. The problem is that cutting a tree that drastically creates a large open wound in the tree; it can disrupt the health of the tree so significantly that the tree cannot recover from the damage. Since the tree is in danger of dying, lopping is not something that you should choose if you have another option. The best option is pruning a tree.

Pruning a Tree

Pruning a tree is the strategic cutting of the leaves and branches so that the tree grows in a more healthy manner. Fruit trees often only produce buds, new leaves, and fruit at the end of new branches. Therefore, the old branches and leaves are taking some of the nutrients and water from the tree but not producing fruit. Reducing those unproductive branches will reduce the amount of wasted nutrients nad increase the yield of fruits and leaves. Furthermore, pruning the old and dead branches can help more light reach some of the lower branches.

Pruning a tree can also be done to change the size or shape of the tree. A careful pruning can pare back certain branches and encourage other branches to grow. This is commonly done for fruit and nut trees. If you hire professional tree trimmers to come every season, they’ll be able to encourage your tree to grow in a manner more like a bush than a tall tree. They can make trees tall and skinny, short and squat, and just about anything you want.

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