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Safely Remove Unwanted Trees

Most homeowners with property more than 20 or 30 years old will have trees that are unwanted or soon will be! Maybe they were in perfect position when the house was purchased, but have now grown to be a nuisance or worse yet, a danger! Having unwanted trees safely removed are best left to professional […]


Keep an Eye on Unsafe Trees in Your Yard!

In the “City of Trees” there are bound to be a few that are potentially posing a danger to your home or business. Unsafe, unstable trees can fall at any time, damaging property or injuring people in the process. It’s important that you keep an eye on the trees on and around your property. Here […]


3 Questions to Ask Before Planting New Trees

Nothing matches the beauty of a tree when it comes to adding character to your home’s landscaping. We may be a little biased, but in our opinion, adding a new tree or trees makes all the difference in the world when turning a house into a home! But, like any decision that you’ll likely live […]


Common Fruit Tree Question: What Should I Do Differently?

A fruit tree is just a tree, right? Yes…and no. It is a tree and needs many of the same basic elements to survive. However, unlike your other trees, fruit trees provide more than just shade in the summer and a bounty of leaves to rake in the fall! If properly managed, they can provide pounds and […]


Properly Pruning Trees and What to Consider

Properly pruning your trees is not just about aesthetics, its also about keeping you safe and the tree healthy. Hacking branches off a tree without considering the health of the tree can be disastrous. Why should I prune my trees? Pruning trees is good for the health of the trees and your property. Naturally a […]


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