Crane Removal Services

Removing trees can be a very dangerous endeavor. It is even more dangerous when power lines, public roads or other features make it difficult for traditional removal techniques to be applied. That is where Arbor Safe’s crane removal service comes into play!

We have our very own 30-ton crane that extends to 95 feet with an additional 32 feet available with our added jib. A jib is a horizontal or near-horizontal beam used in many types of cranes to support a load clear of the main support giving it enhanced capabilities.

Our team uses the crane whenever the situation is too hazardous for our team to climb or whenever the landscape proves difficult to remove the tree by more traditional methods. The crane allows us to remove the most difficult trees without damaging the landscape or surrounding properties.

Our Process

Prior to any crane related work, one of our crew members will perform a site visit to ensure the crane is the best way to proceed. Our technician will need full access to the property to allow a complete inspection and identify any possible hazards or roadblocks to safely completing the job. This is important on any tree removal job but is amplified when the crane is used because of the potential danger involved. Extreme grade and elevation changes for instance could prevent our crane from being safely utilized and in that case would no longer be an option.

The day of the removal will be much like any other tree removal project except for the placement of the crane. Once it is safely and securely in place, our removal crew will go to work removing the targeted trees. As always, we will clean up the work site and leave it the way we found it, minus the tree(s) of course!

Our team will do all the coordination with utility companies and local government organizations to ensure the job is properly permitted and done within local regulations. Arbor Safe’s on-site supervisor will keep you abreast of the project’s progress so you will be aware of our activities as they relate to using our crane. It is the safest and best way to ensure the job gets done on-time and on-budget.

Save Money with Arbor Safe’s Crane Service

Many arborists have access to a crane for these types of jobs, but not many own their own crane. By owning our crane, Arbor Safe saves the homeowner or business owner money versus the competition. Other companies will need to hire a crane and operator to do the job that we can do in-house. That means we do the job more efficiently, saving you money!

Our crane is available for routine tree removal services and emergency calls in and around the Treasure Valley. Call 208-467-7671 today to speak to our team about Boise’s best crane tree removal services.

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