Determining Tree Health in Winter | Arbor Safe Tree Service

Determining Tree Health in Winter | Arbor Safe Tree Service

Winter is here and it’s time to change the way you care for your trees. Trees may look dead in the winter time because they are gray and leafless, but this is often not the case. Most of the time, your beautiful, hardworking trees are simply dormant in the winter. They have slowed down. This is a great time to inspect their health. Because they are bare and there are no leaves in the way, you may be able to see things in and on your trees you might not see in the summertime. 

But how do you assess the health of your trees? What do you look for and what do you need to know? And what are the conditions you should do it under? Do you need a professional arborist? This article goes over these things and helps you assess the health of your trees winter time.

Pick the Right Winter Day

You are going to need to assess the health of your trees on a dry winter day when there is no snow or other precipitation. First look at the bark. Is it consistent all the way around? Or do you see bumps or other growths in certain places around the trunk? Do you see any places where the bark is much darker that might indicate the sap running down the side? Are there dark stains that start up higher the top and run down?

Healthy Tree Bark

Also look for a white or yellowish discoloration. This could indicate fungus growth. Tree bark goes through cycles similar to the ones that leaves do. The bark on a healthy tree is always going to be changing and growing. Even in the winter time, bark should be growing after the old stuff has been shed. If it is not, this may be a sign that your tree is dying. 

Also look for cracks in the bark. Use your fingernail or a small knife to make a scratch in the bark and look underneath. If the flesh underneath the bark is moist and green the tree is doing well. If it is not, then you may need to call in a professional to help with your trees. Repeat this test on several twigs throughout the tree. You can also test by bending the twigs. If they break, they are dead.

Look for Signs of Life

Even in the winter time, a healthy tree will have  buds on it. There should always be signs of growing life on your tree no matter what time of the year it is. If there areWinter tree health no buds, or if they all look dried up, then your tree may be in trouble.

Ask a Boise Tree Expert

Your trees are an important part of your landscaping. They increase curb appeal and thus resale value of your home. It is important to take care of them throughout the entire year. Winter time is a great time to inspect their health. If you know what to look for you can do this easily. If your trees are in trouble, call a professional arborist to help immediately. Waiting to find a local Boise tree expert could mean losing an important part of your property for good.

Commercial or residential, we look forward to being your tree professionals.

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