How to Fell a Tree That’s Beyond Saving - Arbor Safe

How to Fell a Tree That’s Beyond Saving - Arbor Safe

When you are looking around for tree trimming services, it’s typically because the trees on your property have become ungainly or unsightly. If the tree just looks bad, a good trim can get it back into shape. Calling a tree trimmer is a good idea because they’ll be able to do it effectively and safely. However, if a tree is too large or if it has died, it can become a danger to yourself and your property. An overly large tree or a dead tree is more likely to fall during strong winds. Falling trees obviously pose a serious hazard. So, what do you do if the tree trimmers say a tree is beyond saving? You can pay them to cut it down or, if you feel confident with a chainsaw, you can cut it down yourself. Here is how you would do that.


Gather Your Supplies

 You’re going to need a few things before you’re ready to cut down the tree. You’re going to need a chainsaw. Pick one that’s large enough to cut through the tree trunk effectively but light enough that you can easily swing it around. Buy eye protection to protect your eyes from flying wood chips. You’ll also need leg protection; sometimes, a chainsaw can hit a knot in the wood and skip backwards. If it hits you in the shin, you want to have protection there. Lastly, you need rope that is rated to at least 1000 lbs. You need the rope to be at least three times longer than the tree is tall.

Once you have all of that, you’re ready to fell the tree.


Plan Your Attack

 Measure the height of the tree, so that you can cut an appropriate amount of rope. Based on the height of the tree, determine where you would like it to fall. Obviously, this should be away from any power lines, cars, houses, or other pieces of property. Ideally, it will be away from other trees as well. However, that’s not always possible.

Tie the rope around the tree more than halfway up the trunk. You’ll need a helper for the felling. At this point, hand the rope to the helper who can stand far outside of the fall zone. That’s why you have a rope more than three times the height of the tree.


Cut It Down

 Cut a V-shaped notch into the tree exactly where you would like it to fall. Typically, you will cut about halfway into the tree. Some trees will fall right then. Make sure you are not standing behind the tree when this happens. If the tree does not fall, begin to cut another v-shaped notch into the tree on the other side. Before you get all the way to your other cut, the tree will likely fall. Walk away from the tree at a 45 degree angle. It will fall quicker than you might think.

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