Five Steps you can take to protect your Trees from Storms - Arbor Safe

Five Steps you can take to protect your Trees from Storms - Arbor Safe

Storms can damage homes, power lines and especially trees. High winds, snow, ice and high heat can all damage trees. Tall trees can be especially vulnerable to damage from storms and when branches from these large trees fall they can hurt your home, car or even people. Weather can split trees, cause them to fall, or even uproot.

The best way to prevent damage to your trees is to be preventative. A lot of the damage trees endure can be prevented with proper planning and maintenance. If you are concerned about the health of a tree you will want to have it looked at. A sick tree will not do as well when a storm hits as a healthy tree.

First, plant strong trees that are native to your area. When we plant trees that are native to the area they are more likely to handle the weather changes without being damaged.

Second, consult with an arborist on how to best care for your tree and follow their instructions. Arborist can advise you on proper care to keep your tree from becoming a hazard.

Third, have a trained professional prune your trees each year to keep them healthy. Don’t attempt to do this yourself, a professional will prune the tree in a way that keeps the tree strong and healthy and growing properly. Pruning tall trees has its own diffiulties and a tree trimmer has the right equipment to keep themselves and the area around the tree safe during the process.

Fourth, have hazardous trees or branches removed. If a tree is growing too close to your home you may want to have it removed or some of the branches removed to protect your home.


Keep the tree clear of dirt and leaves to reduce the load on the tree. The crotch of the tree needs to be clear to ensure the tree is strong and snow or ice wont build up there and cause damage.

Overall the best way to protect your trees is to have a professional look them over once a year and keep them trimmed properly. Trees are resilient but to protect our homes they do need some maintenance. Your tree trimmer can also talk to you about basic care to keep the tree healthy and strong.

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