Four Reasons to Keep Your Trees Properly Trimmed - Arbor Safe

Four Reasons to Keep Your Trees Properly Trimmed - Arbor Safe

If you have trees on your property, then you should know that sometimes they just need to be trimmed. Trees add beauty, shade, and function to a yard. They’re an important part of the aesthetic of your home and stand to increase resale value if you ever want to sell. But sometimes they can get out of hand. a poorly maintained tree can cause damage to your home, property, and surroundings including city property. Here are four reasons for you to have your trees properly trimmed.

Reason one: Manage your tree’s health

It is important to get your trees trimmed regularly in order to keep up with their health. When trimming a tree, any diseased, broken, or dead branches found within the tree are taken out and the tree is made to be healthier by it. Overcrowding of the branches in the crown is taken care of during this process as well as target trimming. Tree trimming is also preventative, and increases the vigor of your trees. By removing the live branches that will eventually cause overcrowding, you’re preventing damage to the trees before it happens.

Reason two: Managing shade

Shade is important for some things in the outdoor living space. We sit under the trees on the hot days in the shade. but sometimes too much shade can be a problem. It is important for grass to have just the right amount of sunlight in order to grow. When your tree’s branches are overcrowded or if your tree is simply too tall and full, it can reduce the amount of sunlight that your lawn gets and this leads to brown and bald spots in your grass. You can use tree trimming to let more sunlight into the ground level of your yard. Not only will this benefit your grass, but it will also benefit any other plants that require generous sunlight in order to grow fully.

Reason three: Managing growth of fruit

Fruit trees need special care, even more so than trees that do not bear fruit. They often require more attention and thought than other trees. If your trees are having difficulty producing fruit, theFruit Tree Care from Arbor Safe proper pruning can help this problem. Cutting off the unneeded parts of the branches will help encourage the fruit to grow. This is the same with flowering trees if you want to encourage flowering, proper pruning is essential.

Reason four: Improving aesthetics

Your trees are the crowning jewels of your yard. They add both beauty and function to your property. They also increase the value of your home. A tree can live for many years, growing larger as your family grows with it. To improve your aesthetic, trimming trees is vital. An overgrown tree can look less than desirable. It can be an overbearing feature in your yard if not taken care of properly. You may even need to remove a tree entirely depending on the situation. Use your best judgment and be sure to get your trees trimmed regularly.

Contact a Boise Tree Trimming Company for Help

There is much to be done to properly care for your trees. It can be overwhelming to do this all on your own. Your best bet is to call a tree trimming company in Boise to handle all of the tree trimming for you!

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