What Happens to a Tree When it Gets Trimmed? - Arbor Safe

What Happens to a Tree When it Gets Trimmed? - Arbor Safe

A tree is a living organism much like an animal or any other kind of plant. That means that it has veins, nutrients, cells, and an immune system. Each tree in your yard or at your business needs food, water, sunlight, and the proper antibodies to protect it from disease. That’s why you should hire professional tree trimmers to prune your trees. Pruning a tree is not like shaping any inanimate object; it’s basically surgery performed on a tree. Here’s what happens when your tree goes under the knife.

Diseased or Damaged Branches

There are several different diseases and ailments that can affect a tree, depending on the type of tree. Some of those ailments such as poor nutrients or poor soil can affect any tree regardless of type. Others, such as certain pests, are specific to different types of trees. For example, the ash borer prefers ash trees. A cedar tree is likely not going to be affected by an ash borer outbreak.

So, when a tree branch becomes damaged or diseased, the tree will actually direct resources to the site of the damage. Depending on the type of tree, sap could be the nutrient mixture that is supposed to seal the tree’s wound. In some cases, you’ll actually see sap leaking out of the site of a break. When a tree gets pruned, the spot where it is cut is basically like an open wound. The tree will usually seal that off with some kind of sap or enzymes. Since the wounded part will heal, the tree will then be able to devote its resources to producing new healthy foliage instead of treating the damaged parts.

Furthermore, the disease or ailment will be less likely to spread if the diseased portion has been cut away.

Large Trees

If you have a large tree that is growing too tall or too wide, pruning it is helpful for basically the same reasons. When the tree trimmers remove a branch, that branch seals off the wound. It doesn’t heal in a way that would allow it to continue growing. So, in that way, you can control the growth of the tree. If you want it to grow larger on one side or to direc ti away from some structure, you can prune the branches to stop their growth. The tree’s resources will then be devoted to growing new branches or expanding the healthy branches. That’s how tree trimmers create such well-sculpted trees that look great for years.

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