Have a Shady Yard? Plant a Japanese Maple!

Have a Shady Yard? Plant a Japanese Maple!

Many homeowners and business owners alike have areas within their property that tend to be heavily shaded. Those areas often prove difficult in successfully growing trees. If you have a similar issue, try planting a Japanese Maple! Here are just a few reasons Japanese Maples make sense!

Japanese Maples Thrive in Shade (and Sun too!)

Depending on where you live, the Japanese Maple loves the shade (in warmer climates) but also thrives in sunnier conditions in more northern locations where temperatures are not as extreme! Check with your local arborists before deciding on where to plant your new trees as placing them incorrectly could be catastrophic! If you plant a small Japanese Maple in a pot, be sure to have a plan on where you will eventually plant it once it outgrows the container, keeping in mind the sun/shade preference!

Naturally Self-Pruning

Like many trees, Japanese Maples may “self-prune” internal branches that do not get sufficient light due to its position and canopy. The Japanese Maple does not need much in the way of manual pruning if you are not constrained in growth area. If your tree is against your home or other structure, you may need to have it professionally trimmed to keep it properly shaped.

Unbelievable Colors!

These trees are among the most colorful you will ever see! Foliage colors range from red, green, purple, white, orange and pink.  The colors depend on the season and are brilliant. You will experience a wide range of colors from the Spring all the way through Autumn. Simply adding one or two of these colorful beauties will change your home’s curb appeal month after month.


Japanese Maples bring color to shady spots!

Have a Japanese Maple Professionally Planted

If you have heard enough and are ready to have one or more Japanese Maples planted on your property, call Arbor Safe Professional Tree Management. We have an expert team in planning and planting trees of all types, including the beautiful Japanese Maple! Call (208) 467-7671 to discuss this or any other planting projects you may have!

Commercial or residential, we look forward to being your tree professionals.

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