Height Reduction

Sometimes you inherit trees when you buy a property that are simply too tall and need to be scaled back for one reason or another. Perhaps they’re encroaching on power lines, or maybe you want to enjoy a beautiful view of the Boise foothills or the Boise river! Regardless of the reason, there are steps to take to properly reduce the height of a tree without resorting to “topping” a tree. Topping a tree does tremendous damage and may even result in its death. Responsible, certified arborists know how to give you what you need without risking the life of your tree!

Potential Risks to “Topping” Trees

Potential risks of improperly reducing a tree’s height, or topping a tree, include:

– Stress on the tree

– Possible decay

– Starving the tree

– Instability in new growth

– Unattractive in appearance

The Tree Care Industry Association, or TCIA, a professional resource on trees and arboriculture, points out that tree topping increases safety risks and expenses. The TCIA strictly recommends against this practice. Arbor Safe Professional Tree Management responsibly and carefully reduces the height of your trees in a safe manner consistent with established guidelines to ensure the health of your tree.

If you need to reduce the height of a tree on your property, call our team of local certified arborists and let’s do the job right!

height reduction

Commercial or residential, we look forward to being your tree professionals.

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