How Cranes Make Tree Removal Safer and Easier - Arbor Safe

How Cranes Make Tree Removal Safer and Easier - Arbor Safe

Making life easier is the main reason that many inventions are invented. Machinery takes a difficult and time-consuming job and makes it a piece of cake. Without equipment such as a crane, humans would work for weeks on end to complete a job that should get done in a day.

More than 200,000 cranes are in operation worldwide. Up to 18 tons may be lifted at 44 meters per second by the tallest crane in the world.

With that said, how do cranes make tree removal safer and easier? Keep reading below to find out everything you need to know.

Why Use a Tree Removal Crane?

A tree crane is a specialized piece of machinery that is used for some tree maintenance. Tree cranes are mounted on large trucks. They are not the same as stationary cranes used in construction. Tree cranes and those used in other industries have slightly different operational and safety rules.

The crane operator’s cabin is located at the base of the crane. The qualified operator sits and controls the crane from the ground. Some of the tallest trees can be reached by extending and moving the crane’s arm. Generally,  It is employed to safely remove large, heavy tree parts as well as to pull climbers into the trees.

Additionally, a lot of trees are plagued by bugs or diseases, and they are decaying from the inside out. These trees are dangerous for climbers to ascend because they have grown weak and unstable. Other trees may have sustained wind or storm damage and pose a similar risk to climbers by potentially fracturing during tree removal, which are other reasons a tree crane is used by a tree removal service.

How Would a Tree Crane Help With the Tallest of Trees?

Working at heights can be dangerous for even the most experienced tree climbers. Without a doubt, a tree crane helps reduce the risk of injury and death for these brave climbers. Even the highest trees can be accessed by arborists and climbers, giving them the support they need for quick and secure removal.

A bucket and ladder can be used, but they don’t offer the same level of safety that a tree crane does. In some regions of the world, regulations require a tree crane when arborists are working on a tree over a certain height.

A Tree Crane Is Efficient!

If you’ve ever observed a crane tree removal, you may have been surprised by the length of time required to set up the crane and hold team meetings.   Before work starts, it’s essential that everyone is aware of the strategy, their responsibility, and how things will operate. The removal itself will take place swiftly once everything is in place.

The climber and crane operator are in constant communication while cutting down the tree, this is vital for the successful operation of tree removal equipment. They need to communicate back and forth throughout the entire process. Constant communication with the efficiency of the operator and arborists makes light work of even the tallest trees.

Safety Always Comes First!

Whether it’s tree removal you’re performing or another arduous landscaping task, safety should always be your foremost concern.

Safety extends to your machinery as well as the knowledge of your staff; ensure everyone is trained well and knows how to operate a crane before they get behind the wheel.

If you’re not sure about doing it yourself, then never fear; you’re in the right place, contact us now, and let’s discuss your requirements.

Commercial or residential, we look forward to being your tree professionals.

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