How to Prevent Emergency Tree Service During Winter - Arbor Safe

How to Prevent Emergency Tree Service During Winter - Arbor Safe

Winter is a season filled with fun and family, but also ice and cold. Most people know the fire hazards associated with Christmas trees and the dangers of ice on the roads but do you know that winter is a very dangerous time for trees? When the temperatures drop, the tree needs to be healthy and strong to last through the deep freeze.

There are ways to help prepare your trees for winter. Preparing your trees helps ensure your trees are safe but also keeps your home and family safe from falling limbs and other dangers.

Check for dead or hanging limbs. Dead and hanging limbs are a huge danger and should be taken very seriously. The buildup of stress from the severe weather can leave a tree in danger. Extreme wind and snow build up can damage a tree and break limbs free. If a tree is already distressed winter can be the final straw for that tree. You can avoid the risk by having your tree inspected and cared for by a professional each year. The inspection will assess the tree for problematic limbs or branches and how to remedy any issues.

Keep your trees away from power lines. If you tree is near or touching power lines you will want to have it cut back as soon as possible. There are a lot of issues that can come from a tree touching power lines including power outages and fires. Windy weather in the winter can push trees into power lines and cause big issues for you and your neighbors. When remedying this issue you will want to make sure the tree expert is experience in dealing with trees near power lines. They will also need to have the right equipment and insurance to deal with this issue.

Keep trees away from your home and from touching your home. If strong winds hit when you have a tree too close to your home it can damage your roof and even fall into your house causing a lot of damage. There is also a the risk the tree will injury a member of your household. If a tree is close enough to touch your house it’s close enough to cause damage. Prevention is the best method for dealing with trees too close to your home, especially before winter.

Proper tree care all year is the best choice for keeping your tree healthy and safe. Take advantage of fall cleanup services provided by arborists. Trees need proper care to stay strong and healthy. Water and mulch around the roots of the tree to provide needed nutrients. Staking young trees can help protect them from strong winds. Do not use road salt near your trees, it can be harmful. Keep pests and animals away from your trees.

Winter is a great season but it does have its stress, especially for trees. Properly preparing your trees can give you trees the best chance to survive winter and protect your home and family for dangerous situations.

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