Keep Your Tree Trimmings to Save Money - Arbor Safe

Keep Your Tree Trimmings to Save Money - Arbor Safe

Every winter, most of the trees at your house will go into dormancy or partial dormancy. That’s the perfect time for you to have them trimmed. Trimming your trees will make them more manageable and easier to control. They’ll grow longer and healthier as well as posing less of a risk of damage to yourself and others. Unruly trees can drop branches or fall over themselves. However, many people skip their yearly tree trimming because they think that it costs too much money. If a branch falls on the roof of your car, it will likely cost you more than any tree trimming would have. That truth aside, there are ways to reduce the cost of your tree trimming. One of them is to keep your trimmings.


Keep Your Trimmings

 After you have your trees trimmed, there will be a large amount of tree trimmings. There will be branches, twigs, leaves, and much more. Typically, a tree trimming service will carry those away. They’ll do that for a fee usually; some companies offer it as a complimentary service. Whatever the case may be, don’t do it. You shouldn’t let them take away your tree trimmings if you want to save money. For the companies that charge extra for it, it will obviously save you money.

Furthermore, wood can be worth money. It’s important to identify the different trees on your property to determine how much money they might be worth. All hardwoods are worth money as firewood or for use in crafting. Some common hardwoods such as oak are desirable. They’re used for firewood, furniture, flooring, and even barbecue. Some less common hardwoods such as cherry and walnut are even more expensive. Softwoods don’t make great firewood but they can be used for outdoor fires, furniture, or for mulching.



 Mulching your scrap wood is probably the easiest way to use it. You’ll need to rent a mulcher or a wood chipper, depending on the type of wood you need to mulch. That will cost you between about $50 and $250. This short-term expense can still save you money in the long run. Wood chips or mulch are useful as bedding for a garden and compost for your yard. It’s also something that you can sell for as much as $5 per square foot.

These are just a few of the ways to save your money by saving your tree trimmings. You can also use the tree trimmings to make fences, build a compost pile, and much more.

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