Should You Let Your Tree Trimmer Take Your Felled Trees? - Arbor Safe

Should You Let Your Tree Trimmer Take Your Felled Trees? - Arbor Safe

If you have been working with a tree trimmer or are considering it, there is one big question that many people forget about. Should you let the tree trimmer take the felled trees? There are a few things to consider. One big thing to consider is the type of wood it is. Some wood can be quite useful. Other wood can be very desirable and even valuable. Some tree trimmers will charge you extra to haul away your felled trees; then they’ll sell it as firewood or lumber.

The Value of Wood

When you have a tree trimmer come out to your property to fell trees, they’ll likely bring along a wood chipper of some sort. Alternately, they’ll load the wood into a truck and haul it away. Some of them charge money for this. However, you might want to keep it. While it’s very difficult to estimate the value of lumber without an inspection, there are some things that always remain valuable.

Softwoods such as pine are generally not very valuable. They make a smoky campfire and burn very quickly. They’re also filled with sap that makes them difficult to work with. If you’re planning a bonfire or just want to run a firepit, you can keep softwoods. Otherwise, it’s probably best to have them hauled away. Hardwoods, on the other hand, are always valuable. Common hardwoods such as oak and hickory make great lumber for construction, great firewood, and even smoking chunks for a barbecue smoker.

Very Valuable Wood

Some wood is even more valuable than your standard hardwoods. Fruit woods are great for everything that hickory and oak are great for. Alder works very well for any application that will be moist. Black walnut and other dark hardwoods are very desirable for design elements.

Finally, the age of the wood matters. Wood grows in concentric circles, which means the wood at the heart of the tree is the densest and most desirable. The older the tree, the larger the heartwood will be. That makes the best furniture and the best firewood.

If you have someone come to your property to cut down your trees, you need to know the type of wood before you do that. If it’s a hardwood, you might save some money by simply leaving the wood there. If you don’t plan to sell it, you can advertise it as free wood. Someone will likely want a large collection of free hardwood.

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