How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost? - Arbor Safe

How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost? - Arbor Safe

The price of tree trimming services vary depending on several different factors. Some tree trimming companies charge based on the number of trees regardless of their size, others charge by the square footage, some charge by the hour, and some charge different prices for different trees. Those differences can have a huge effect on the price for trimming your trees. Some companies will even give you an option for which to choose.


The Different Pricing Models

 Charging by the hour is the most straightforward pricing model. A member of the tree trimming company will come to your property and assess the different trees. They’ll then give you an estimate for how much time they think it will take to trim all of the trees and give you a price based on that. It’s sometimes mysterious why you are being charged what you are. That’s why many people don’t like the hourly model.

Alternately, you can be charged on a per-tree basis. Companies will charge based on the size of the tree; typically, that refers to just the height of the tree. Companies often separate trees by size into different categories. The most common categories at 30 feet and shorter, 30 to 60 feet, and taller than 60 feet. Prices can vary widely for these different services.

Lastly, companies might charge by the square footage. That’s simply the amount of yard that you want to be trimmed. They’ll manage all of the trees in the area that need managing.

So, which is right for you? Well, it depends on your specific needs as well as your yard. If you have a lot of space with only a few trees, then the square footage model likely won’t work. If you have several trees that only need a little bit of work, hourly might be the best option because they’ll be done quickly. If you have only a few trees but they’re large, then the per-tree rate might be best.


Complicating Factors

In addition to the pricing models, there are some things that can complicate the job and cost more money. You’ll pay more if your trees are diseased, for example. Diseased trees need to be treated as if they can spread the disease. For example, a tree that has ash borers will be a danger to every nearby ash tree. So, that wood will need to be handled carefully. Therefore, it might cost more for disposal.

Trees near powerlines or trees that are in danger of falling are going to cost extra as well since they are safety hazards.

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