Pruning Your Trees Now Leads to a Healthier 2022 - Arbor Safe

Pruning Your Trees Now Leads to a Healthier 2022 - Arbor Safe

You have heard of spring cleaning for your home, but have you heard of spring cleaning for your trees? Spring tree pruning is a great way to prepare your trees for the growing season and get your yard ready for warmer weather. Pruning trees makes way for new life and can help your trees look their best.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning varies based on the type of tree and the season. Simple trimming or light pruning can be done anytime to remove small issues or dead wood but beyond that you need to consider the trees health and the season. If a tree takes on damage in the winter from a big storm you can remove broken branches but you don’t want to start cutting into a tree in the cold winter months. Pruning is important to ensure that your tree does not become weak from diseased or dead branches. Pruning trees is all about keeping your tree healthy. Spring tree trimming is a great time to thin out your trees to prepare them for more growth. Thinning out a tree is great for the overall condition of the tree and allows for more light and air to get into the tree and increase growth. 

Timing a Spring Pruning

Different Trees have different pruning timelines. The start of the bloom determines when you can prune a tree. Some trees are not ideal for spring pruning but trees that flower in midsummer are ideal spring pruning candidates. If you have trees that bloom in other seasons spring might not be the best time for pruning. Early spring pruning is ideal for apple, cherry, peach and plum trees as well as trumpet vines. Spring pruning works great for rose, clematis, virginia creeper and wisteria. Rose of Sharon bushes should be pruned when the budding begins. Flowering dogwood, forsythia, lilac, climbing rose and rhododendron should be pruned after they have flowered. These timelines can be hard to determine and an arborist is a great resource. 

Pruning Tips

There are important things to consider when pruning a tree, improper pruning can cause rot, hollowed trunks and even kill a tree. Dead and dying branches should be removed but you will also want to remove limbs that rub against each other. If a limb is growing towards the center of the tree it should be removed. Narrow, V-shaped angles are not ideal and need to be removed. Cut at the bud, branch or trunk but don’t leave stubs coming out of the trunk of the tree. 

Trust Boise’s Best Tree Service

Pruning trees is an art form and many homeowners find that it’s too big of a project for them to do themselves. A certified arborist is a great resource for information about the health of your trees and can help shape your trees beautifully while keeping them healthy. Spring tree pruning will help prepare your trees for a healthier year and can yield unprecedented growth. 

Commercial or residential, we look forward to being your tree professionals.

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