Questions to Ask a Professional Tree Trimmer - Arbor Safe

Questions to Ask a Professional Tree Trimmer - Arbor Safe

ree trimming is a pretty general term for a whole range of different services that you can get from a tree trimmer or tree surgeon. Generally, it includes cutting limbs that have grown too large or too long, cutting the tops of trees that have grown too tall, removing dead limbs, cutting down entire trees, or even grinding stumps. If you have trees on your property, you should call a professional tree trimmer to see if you need to have them worked on. Trees grow pretty much continuously until they die; therefore, if you let too much time go by without having them inspected, they could pose a potential hazard.

Are These Trees Still Healthy?

When you have the tree trimmer come out to your property, you need to ask them if your trees are still healthy. A healthy tree has strong roots and sturdy branches; that means it won’t fall over unless hit by very strong storm winds. Also, it won’t drop branches on your house, car, or your family. A tree trimmer will be able to inspect the tree for signs of disease or unhealthy growth. They’ll also be able to recommend a course of action for keeping the tree as healthy as possible. Typically, that will involve cutting back some of the old growth to keep the tree focused on strong growth.

Are These Trees Too Large?

Even healthy trees can grow too large. A tree’s root system is what helps keep it in place in the face of strong winds and shifting ground. Rocks in the ground, loose soil, driveways, and your home’s foundation can get in the way of roots. It might seem like in the contest between a tree root and a steel septic tank, the steel would obviously win. However, that’s just not the case. The roots are much more persistent. They will eventually puncture a septic tank, strangle a sewer line, or even crack the foundation of your home. Typically, a root system is as wide as the widest spread of the tree branches, but it grows larger over time. A tree trimmer cna tell you if your trees have grown too large.

What Kind of Tree Is This?

If you have trees on your yard that you can’t identify, you should ask the tree trimmer what kind of tree it is before they cut it down and remove it. If it’s a hardwood, it could be worth a considerable amount of money. In that case, you should ask the tree trimmers to leave the wood behind.

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