Should I Remove an old Stump? Boise Tree & Stump Removal

Should I Remove an old Stump? Boise Tree & Stump Removal

You have an old stump in your yard and you just don’t know what to do. Should I leave it? Should I have it removed? You’re probably hoping the answer is to leave it. I’m sorry, but in most cases, you really should remove old stumps when possible. There are many reasons why, but we’ll cover a few of the most important reasons in this article.


Having an old stump in your yard is dangerous to those not overly familiar with the surroundings. If you hire lawn crews, you’ll need to make sure they are familiar, so they’ll avoid injury or damage to their equipment. If you have family or friends over, you increase the chance of a freak injury resulting from this trip hazard. Nobody wants to see a backyard game of badminton end up in the emergency room!


Even though they’re no longer growing vertically, remaining stumps will absorb nutrients around the area slowing the growth of adjoining landscaping. Leaving an old stump could cost you financially if the stump ruins the grounds around it.


If you initially removed the tree which resulted in a stump because you didn’t want a tree in that area, then failing to remove the stump may result in future tree growth in that area. Fast forward a few years and you’ll have more trees to remove…and more stumps!

Have questions about stump removal? Check out our page on stump grinding and see what goes into properly removing a stump. Leaving a stump to decay can take years if left alone. Some estimates range between three to seven years depending on the type of wood involved. Give the Arbor-Safe team a call today if you have an unsightly, dangerous stump that needs to be removed.

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