The Money You Can Save by Hiring Professional Tree Trimmers

The Money You Can Save by Hiring Professional Tree Trimmers

There are thousands of people who hurt themselves falling off ladders every year. If you want to stay completely safe, it’s best to just avoid them. However, that can be difficult if you need your trees trimmed. Trees that have grown too large or have become unhealthy can be a danger to your home, your property, yourself, and power lines. They are a hazard that needs to be addressed. The best way of addressing them is by trimming the trees. That will improve the health of the trees and also reduce the amount of danger they can do. Many people choose to hire professional tree trimmers for that task. Is that the best and most cost-effective method? You may be able to make some money from your newly felled trees!

Selling Hardwoods

If you have hardwood trees at your home that need to be trimmed, you can ask the tree trimmers to leave the felled trees on your property. Hardwoods have several uses which makes them desirable. Hardwood lumber can be milled to be used for flooring, building, and much more. Simply chopping the logs down makes them ideal firewood. Different woods have different values as well. A common hardwood like white oak makes great furniture and great firewood but it’s not terribly expensive. It would go a long way towards paying off your tree trimming costs but it’s not nearly as valuable as walnut or cherry.

Cherry wood, for example, weighs about three pounds per board foot. A board foot sells for as much as $16 at retail value. That’s the price for a milled and processed piece of cherry, but it shows how valuable even a few pounds of quality wood can be.

Make Wood Chips

If you have trees lying around after the tree trimmers have left, you could invest in renting a wood chipper. It’s also possible the trimmer will chip the wood for much less than they would haul it away. That will leave you with piles and piles of wood chips. Hardwood chips are great for use in wood-burning stoves, though they will burn very quickly. They’re also great for use in barbecue smokers to add hardwood flavor.

Hardwood or softwood chips can be used as mulch for your yard. They can line bushes to keep moisture in the soil and keep weeds at a minimum. Wood chips also serve as a natural way to fill in holes in your yard. As the chips decay, they’ll form a beneficial compost.

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