How to Save Money on Your Tree Trimming - Arbor Safe

How to Save Money on Your Tree Trimming - Arbor Safe

Tree trimming is a necessary service that most homeowners will need at some point. As healthy trees grow, they take up more and more space. Their roots can reach into the foundation of a home and damage the home. Their limbs grow longer and longer, which can threaten your house, your car, or yourself. Finally, when the tree dies, it begins to grow unstable. A strong storm can cause a dead tree to fall. Having the tree trimmed or removed will solve those problems. However, it can get to be somewhat expensive. There are ways to make it less expensive.

Call Often

Paradoxically, the best way to save money on tree trimming is to call tree trimmers often. If you rely on them often, they’ll be able to keep the trees in pretty manageable shape. For example, if a tree is growing branches over your house, trimming back small branches could be a matter of just clipping or sawing them and tossing them to the ground. If the branch is allowed to grow large however, it will then need to be roped. That is when the trimmers have to tie a rope around each branch before they cut it, cut it, and then slowly lower it to the ground. This takes longer and costs more.

Also, frequent trimmings will help keep the trees healthy and growing. Healthy trees have stronger roots and branches. They’re less likely to need emergency tree trimming.

Feed and Water Trees

Feeding and watering your trees is important as well. Feeding them with compost will help them grow stronger, but isn’t always necessary. If you aren’t growing fruit trees, you can likely just keep them watered. Also, a good layer of mulch around the roots will help prevent weeds and disease from infecting the tree.

These steps will help the tree grow healthy. That means that it is less likely to die and need to be removed.

Keep the Wood

In some cases, removing branches or entire trees is an extra expense from the tree trimmer. If that’s the case, you can save some money on your tree trimming by keeping the wood from the trimmers. You’ll need to find something to do with it, but that shouldn’t be too difficult. If it is a hardwood, you could dry and keep it for a bonfire or for smoking on the grill. You also might be able to sell it to a carpenter.

Commercial or residential, we look forward to being your tree professionals.

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