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There are times when trees simply cannot be saved. No amount of trimming will save it. If you have a diseased or dying tree, removing it may be the only course of action. Tree removal may also be required if you’ve experienced storm damage that has produced a safety hazard due to compromised trees.

Removing trees is a complex and often dangerous task that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Cutting down large trees without damaging surrounding structures or landscape features takes skill and training perfected through years of practice. If you add in the inherent dangers of working at heights with cutting equipment, it quickly becomes evident that some things should be left to the professionals.

Reasons You Might Consider Removing a Tree in Boise

Roots of shrubs and especially trees can be expansive, leading to interference of your other plants and sometimes even cracking foundations or pipes. When you want to reclaim space, prevent destruction of structures, or save your other plants and landscaping from being destroyed, removal is often the choice to make. Another frequent reason for shrubs or trees to be removed is that a homeowner is ready to update the look or design of their landscaping. Trees and shrubs can get in the way and detract from the overall look of a design a homeowner might be going for, so removing or even transplanting shrubs or smaller trees can better fit the aesthetic.

Shrubs and trees can get infected with diseases and start to die off, especially during the summer when they thrive. Instead of allowing the spread to other plants, quick removal can prevent even more damage to your property’s landscaping. Not only can trees fall on your home, but they can also bring down power lines and other trees. Removing them before they are able to fall during a storm is the safest preventative measure recommended for older or already-damaged trees. If you are unsure of whether or not your tree is ready for removal, getting advice from arborists will be able to tell you when it needs to go.

Safety Precautions

OSHA controls the safety regulations when it comes to how companies should perform the removal of shrubs and trees. Here at Arbor Safe Tree Service, we take pride in our strict safety procedures and standardized process in order to maintain a safe working environment for our team and the properties we work on. We use all the proper guards and safety harnesses when removing anything and keep all the necessary insurance policies to cover our employees to the fullest extent. Additionally, our team is well trained on the operation of each tool and heavy machinery used in our variety of services.

For our customers, that means you never have to worry about someone getting hurt on your property in Boise. We not only keep ourselves safe, but you and your family as well. Even in tight spaces, extreme heights, and proximity to power lines, we never loosen our safety regulations. Those that think they can remove a shrub or tree on their own should strongly consider the safety benefit that comes with hiring experienced experts like those at Arbor Safe Tree Service as a DIY job can be very dangerous in this industry.

Tree & Shrub Removal Clean Up Process

When you get your shrub or tree removed, the cleanup process is just as important as the actual removal aspect. As a professional company, our goal is to make your life easier – and that means making sure we leave your property the same (if not better) as when we first arrived. As we remove your plant, we take care to use the best tools and machines in order to leave as little impact as possible on the rest of the environment. This means we predetermine where trees will be felled, cut removed trees into manageable pieces, remove brush chipping, grind or remove the stump completely (this decision is up to the homeowner), and moving all leftover debris off the property.

Whether you need a dying or healthy tree removed, using a crane can reduce the impact and overall time spent on the removal. Even around power lines, Arbor Safe Tree Service is able to use the proper equipment to minimize our lasting impression on the space. The area around your shrub or tree removal is guaranteed to be free of debris (even if that means raking up leaves, scooping up sawdust, and gathering chippings). We are dedicated to going the extra mile to ensure your property is beautiful after the removal process.


Regardless whether you have one tree in your yard that has to go, or you own commercial property with multiple trees, Arbor Safe Tree Service’s team of certified Arborists and Tree Workers can handle your needs!


No matter of the time, day or night, if you have a tree removal emergency, Arbor Safe is ready. Don’t put your family or property at unnecessary risk. Call 208-467-7671!

Why You Should Use a Boise Tree Removal Service

Removing a tree or shrub can be a potentially dangerous task for homeowners, especially those that are unfamiliar with the proper tools and equipment often needed for the project. When you use a Boise tree removal contractor like Arbor Safe Tree Service, you can expect an increase in property value, expert advice, and preventative maintenance to protect all your other plants and structures in the future. Not only do we provide tree and shrub removal, but also trimming, fruit tree care, stump grinding and removal, and many other services to be your go-to expert on all things landscaping.

If you are unsure of whether or not you need to remove a shrub or tree, calling in the experts at Arbor Safe Tree Service is the best idea. We will be able to tell you if it is worth it to remove the plant or if there are other options available to you (like transplantation, trimming, etc.). As experts in the industry, we can advise you on the status of your plants (if they are being adversely affected by diseases or pests) while also offering safe removal services of your landscaping in Boise. With all the necessary insurance coverage and certifications, you will know your property is in the right hands and will be well taken care of. After a storm or whenever you are ready to change up your landscaping design, give us a call for a consultation on your tree and shrub removal!

    Tree Removal FAQs

    Q: Do I need to hire someone to remove my trees? Can’t I just do it myself?

    A: Depending on the size of the tree, you may not need to hire someone to do it for you. Smaller trees are easier to handle than larger trees. Another consideration is how close a tree is to structures on your property. If you have a medium size tree close to your home, it is advisable to hire a professional tree removal company in Boise to handle this for you. Trees are deceptively heavy and very unpredictable. Large tree removal should definitely be left to the pros!


    Q: What happens to the tree once it has been cut down?

    A: That depends on what you want us to do. We can leave it for you if you would like or we can dispose of it ourselves. Our service includes removal and cleanup, but we are happy to leave it for you if you’d prefer.


    Q: What happens to the stump? Do you leave it?

    A: Again, this depends on what you would like us to do. We can cut the tree as low as possible leaving a minimal amount of stump exposed or we can use our stump grinding equipment to reduce the stump height below the grade of the surrounding land.


    Q: Do I need to be home when the tree(s) are being removed?

    A: No, our team can handle the project while you go about your day. Our on-site estimator will make it clear to the removal crew which tree(s) need to be removed.

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