Boise Tree & Shrub Trimming

Tree & Shrub Trimming

Trimming trees and shrubs is the removal of specific areas of a plant and has multiple benefits. While most trees probably won’t need to be shaped in the same way shrubs often do, trees can drop branches on houses, get in the way of power lines, and lean dangerously over structures. Simply cutting the limbs off of a tree or shrub is not the same – instead of trimming unnecessary parts off of the plant, a professional is able to correctly identify which branches and buds need to be trimmed for the benefit of both the homeowner and the lifetime of the tree or shrub in Boise. Arbor Safe Tree Service is your go-to team of experts when you are ready to invest in your trees’ and shrubs’ health!

Benefits of Trimming/Pruning

Pruning can actually help a tree or shrub receive proper air circulation and exposure to the sun that it would not normally have if left to grow wild on its own. By trimming the dead branches of trees and shrubs, the life of the plant is often extended. Additionally, these branches will not be able to break off and damage your property in storms or over time. Keeping trees and shrubs trimmed is also a way to reduce the opportunity for insects or infections to destroy the plant itself because there are less places for them to thrive in/on.

In terms of newly planted shrubs or trees, it is important to prune them in order to begin shaping them in the right direction (making it less likely they will get in the way of other plants and will not grow at a slant). Shrubs and trees at your Boise home that have already grown for many years can be trimmed in order to give your property an entirely different view and often impact the overall value of your property when regularly maintained.

Types of Trimming

There are quite a few different types of trimming techniques, each one dedicated for a specific purpose. While fine pruning is the removal of the small pieces of branches in order to create a “prettier” shrub or tree, standard pruning removes larger branches to benefit the overall structure of the tree. Another technique called hazard trimming is only used when trees are in a harmful situation – like leaning precariously over buildings, have sustained major damage from storms, or fallen on power lines.

Crown reduction trimming (sometimes called “topping”) is the most invasive removal procedure on a tree and is only done when absolutely necessary. Because trimming too much off the top of a tree can kill the tree, this is a technique that should only ever be performed by professionals here in Boise. Many of these techniques need to be regularly assessed every year as trees and shrubs are affected by the seasons. Additionally, with regular maintenance trees and shrubs don’t tend to need major trimming services as often, cutting down on your expenses in the long run.

When to Trim Shrubs and Trees

One of the most important aspects of pruning is knowing when to complete it. When done at the right time, plants are set up for healthier and more productive lives. While dead branches can be removed at any point in Boise, knowing when trim the other areas of your plant is largely determined by the type of plant you are dealing with.

Trees and shrubs that do not bloom should be trimmed in the winter, along with summer-blooming shrubs and trees. On the other hand, trees or shrubs blooming in the spring should be immediately trimmed after blooming (or as early as possible afterwards). Conifers, like non-bloomers, should be trimmed while dormant in the winter. During the colder season, it is often easier to see what needs to be trimmed and the cuts will heal faster, making it a great time to get almost all of your plants serviced at one time.

Safety During Trimming

Trimming of Boise shrubs and especially trees can get very dangerous. Trees can weigh from around one ton up to more than 50 tons! While a front yard tree probably won’t weigh anywhere near the higher end of that spectrum, it is critical that homeowners understand just how dangerous it can be to trim a tree on their own. Even a smaller branch on a large tree can mean a big issue to be dealt with. The wrong cut can lead to damaged property, or, even worse, injury to those that live at the property.

While many of us prefer to do our own tree trimming, using a professional tree and shrub trimmer means you do not have to worry about any aspect of the job. Tree and shrub trimming companies provide the safest equipment (heavy duty shears, chain saws, woodchippers, alligator loppers, and more) along with all the proper insurance coverage for your own protection. Additionally, all trustworthy companies will follow OSHA standard procedures to ensure the safety of every employee involved in the tree and shrub trimming process.

Why Choose a Professional Tree Trimming Service

In Boise, using Arbor Safe Tree Service for commercial or residential tree and shrub trimming services is the key to keeping your property looking beautiful and healthy. All of our employees are International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)-certified arborists and tree workers to provide the highest quality tree and shrub trimming in the area. As a business that is constantly learning modern techniques and the newest safety protocols, your trees and shrubs are guaranteed to get the best service.

Because each customer has a different situation, we design a custom plan in order to best promote the health of your trees and shrubs – no matter the size or location of your plants. We are able to communicate with homeowners throughout every step of our process so that you will be confident in the end result! When you are ready to get your trees or shrubs trimmed by experts or are in need of a quote, give Arbor Safe Tree Service a call at 208-467-7671 today!

Commercial or residential, we look forward to being your tree professionals.

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