Should You Have Your Trees Trimmed or Lopped? - Arbor Safe

Should You Have Your Trees Trimmed or Lopped? - Arbor Safe

There are several different services you can get from a tree trimming company. When it comes to cutting the trees around your home, there are two basic options. You can have a tree trimmed or lopped. Trimming can mean pruning a fruit tree so that it grows better fruit, shaping a tree so that it fits your design, or cutting it so that it doesn’t grow too large. Lopping, on the other hand, is simply cutting the top off a tree. Lopping a tree is a drastic measure that does not consider the health of a tree. Inf act, trees often die after they’ve been lopped. If that’s the case, why would you ever lop a tree?

Why Lop a Tree?

When a tree becomes so large that it is a danger to your house, your property, or your neighbors, it might need to be lopped. In the past, trees were lopped to make them smaller, create room for new growth, and help shape them. However, it creates wounds that are difficult for a tree to recover from; also, it opens the tree up to infections that could kill it. Therefore, lopping is not used for maintenance anymore. When a tree is truly out of control, it might need to be lopped. Since it could kill the tree, a tree trimmer will essentially only lop a tree when the only alternative is cutting it down completely. Otherwise, the tree can be trimmed.

When to Trim a Tree

If you have a tree that has grown too large, doesn’t bear new fruit, or needs to be shaped in some manner, you should hire tree trimmers. Many types of trees that bear fruit or buds will only bear on a new branch. That means that old branches might produce leaves but they won’t bear fruit; they’ll be wasting your tree’s resources. Trimming those away can make resources available for new growth.

Trimming a tree can also help shape it as well; even if you don’t need to remove very much from the tree, shaping it can help it grow better. Finally, trimming a tree can reduce its size; however, you need to make sure you do it from time to time. To keep the tree from growing too large and unwieldy, you’ll have to hire tree trimmers frequently. If you let it grow too large without trimming, it will need to be lopped or cut down. To avoid that, you need routine maintenance.

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