Should You Skin Your Palm Trees? Boise Tree Trimming Q & A

Should You Skin Your Palm Trees? Boise Tree Trimming Q & A

While palm trees are not as popular in Boise as in some other areas, they can be found if you look for them. If you have palm trees on your property, you likely have them skinned once a year or once every few years. The process is one that contributes to the health of the tree as well as the health of the surrounding areas. Palm trees are different from many other trees in hat their leaves grow directly from the trunk of the tree as fronds. Every year, the fronds die and turn woody. That gives palm trees their tiered appearance. Skinning a palm tree involves cutting away the dead fronds so that the tree trunk appears smooth again. There are several different reasons why you might want to skin your palm trees.

Why You Would Skin Your Palm Trees

Palm tree services in BoiseLandowners skin their palm trees for aesthetic as well as health reasons. For one, different types of bugs and rodents use the dead fronds as homes. So, if you want to cut down on the amount of pests around your property, you should consider skinning your palm trees. That will reduce the places pests can nest. Furthermore, the dead palm fronds will consume some of the resources of the tree. They soak up water and use some of the minerals from the ground; however, since they’re dead, those resources are wasted. Cutting away the dead fronds will help funnel the water upwards towards the living fronds.

Palm fronds can also be a nuisance since they’re more likely to fall off the tree. That could lead to dead fronds scattered around your property. Lastly, many people simply prefer the appearance of a skinned palm tree.

Are There Dangers?

Skinning palm trees does come with some risk for the tree and the tree trimmer. That’s why it’s always best to hire a professional tree trimming company. For the tree trimmer, the risks are the same as any tree trimming project. You’ll likely need a ladder or a bucket truck to get to the higher palm fronds once the tree has grown very tall. Falls from a ladder or a bucket are a constant danger for tree trimmers. That’s why many people use professionals. Some trimmers prefer to climb the tree itself; that also has risks.

The trimming poses risks for the tree as well. When the tree is cut, the dead fronds still form an open wound. As with any other organism, an open wound could become infected. That’s why it’s important to clean tree trimming implements before the skinning begins. Cutting too deeply can also scar the tree trunk. That will inhibit the transfer of nutrients.

If you skin your palm trees, you shouldn’t do it more than once a year.

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