Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the process of removing the entire stump of a tree, allowing the area to be used for other purposes like new landscaping. Stump grinding is a more efficient process than most others available, and homeowners will not have to deal with the eyesore that once was on their property. Those that choose not to remove their stumps can expect a long decomposition process, whereas stump grinding can get rid of the problem in almost no time at all. At Arbor Safe, we offer stump grinding to our customers that are looking for a quick, minimally invasive solution to get rid of their stumps.

Benefits of Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding - Arbor SafeTree stumps left on a property can not only be annoying but dangerous as well in Boise. Stump grinding can allow you to regain your overall aesthetic and even plant flowers or shrubbery on top of where the stump once was. This can help improve your property value, especially when you have an already small space to work with. Additionally, stumps can house diseases and insects that could spread to your healthy plants if not properly taken care of in a timely manner. Grinding down the stump prevents this spread and eliminates the future ability for the tree to regrow (and force you to get the tree removed again through the same process).

After having a tree removed, your stump serves as a trip hazard on your property and should be dealt with to protect your family, especially if you often have children running around. If someone were to get hurt on your property because of the stump, a lot of money on medical bills could be spent. In the long run, it makes more sense to deal with your stump now than to wait years for it to decompose on its own. Stump grinding can make it easier to mow your lawn (you won’t have to worry about your blades hitting it anymore!), plant new landscaping, and enjoy your property once again.

The Process of Stump Grinding

Grinding down a stump tends to be the last step in removing a tree from a property. When you use Arbor Safe Tree Service in Boise, keeping the owner in the loop is second nature. We will work with you through every step of the process, so you know what to expect. Additionally, you will never have to worry about cleanup or hauling away excessive amounts of sawdust because we provide this at no extra charge!

Because stump grinding is often done on stumps that are just a few inches high, we are able to use our state-of-the-art equipment to quickly and efficiently grind the stump below grade level (and until there is no trunk left). We also take care of the root flares, which are the part of the tree that widens into the roots and can allow the tree to regrow if not properly eliminated. The rest of the roots left in the soil simply break down after the stump grinding process and do not require any further care. This is a less invasive option on your property for getting rid of stumps and allows the homeowner to quickly use the area for other purposes.

Stump Grinding Time Lapse

Stump Grinding vs. Removal

Stumps can detract from your overall property value and even cause hazards for visitors. While both stump removal and stump grinding will both get rid of this issue for you, each of them have different benefits and drawbacks. Depending on your exact situation, Arbor Safe Tree Service will be able to tell you which method is best for your property in the long run when taking into account your budget, the location of the stump, and how large the stump is.

Where stump removal is an extensive process that gets rid of the entire stump and roots, stump grinding is a much simpler technique that breaks up the stump and leaves the roots to decompose on their own. Stump removal can take up a large area in order to dig up all the roots and requires large machinery, while stump grinding causes a manageable hole with smaller equipment. Filling in a stump removal hole can take a lot of soil and work. In the stump grinding process, most of the hole is already filled with sawdust and homeowners can plant on top of it right away. Even for experienced professionals, stump removal can be a lengthy process compared to the much quicker stump grinding process. When looking at cost, stump removal requires more labor and time and thus will typically cost more than professional stump grinding, although it can also depend on the size of the stump itself.

Why You Should Only Use Stump Grinding Professionals

While there are quite a few tree services that people can complete on their own, stump grinding is not typically one of them due to all the things that go into it. For one, stump grinding machinery can be extremely complex and should only be operated by experienced professionals. Depending on the stump itself, different types of equipment might be necessary to use as well. Experts will be able to use the correct tools and protective gear to keep themselves and anyone around them safe from harm while using this heavy machinery.

Compared to the amount of time and cost of renting the machinery needed that a DIYer might use, it only makes sense to hire a professional stump grinding company in Boise. Here at Arbor Safe Tree Service, our team has years of experience working with the required machines and a broad knowledge of a range of scenarios in terms of stump grinding. For all of our services, you never have to worry about cleanup or hauling away materials. Because we are prepared with the education, safety precautions, and necessary insurance to protect the homeowner, hiring Arbor Safe Tree Service is the easy choice! To eliminate your stump so you can have a beautiful yard once again, let us provide you with a quote today!

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