The Tools You Need to Trim Trees Like a Pro - Arbor Safe

The Tools You Need to Trim Trees Like a Pro - Arbor Safe

If you have multiple trees on your property or if they’re particularly tall, it’s probably in your best interests just to hire a professional. The cost of hiring a professional will likely be less than you would spend on buying all of the necessary equipment and doing it yourself. Once you factor in the opportunity costs involved with doing your own tree trimming, it’s not much of a money saver in the short term. Over the course of several seasons, you’ll likely save some money but you’ll spend more time. However, if you’re committed to doing your own tree trimming, here are the tools you need to make it happen.



 You’re going to need at least one chainsaw if you’re doing a good amount of tree trimming. The chainsaw will be used to fell trees or to cut larger branches. Chainsaws are measured in terms of bar length and engine size. For gasoline chainsaws, the engine is rated in terms of horsepower and in terms of cubic centimetres. A moderate range chainsaw is often called a homeowner saw. They typically have engines about 30cc and bars about 16 inches in length. A homeowner chainsaw will cut down practically any tree on your property. If you’re cutting multiple cords of firewood every season, you might need something bigger, but it’s fine for tree trimming.

Electric chainsaws are measured in terms of amps. An electric homeowner saw will generally be about 13 amps. Gas will provide more power but electric is more versatile, and you never have to worry about fuel.


Pole Saw

 A pole saw is essentially a chainsaw on the end of an extending pole. If you are trimming branches that are above your reach, a pole saw is a safer option than climbing a ladder. Pole saws tend to be smaller than chainsaws. However, if you are just trimming branches, you could buy a pole saw and forego a traditional chainsaw.


Hedge Trimmer

 A hedge trimmer is a tool similar to a lightweight chainsaw; instead of a spinning chain of blades, it is made of dozens of blades that make a scissor motion when you press the accelerator. They’re designed to cut leaves and small branches. Hedge trimmers do all of the precision shaping of your bushes and trees after you’ve cut the big stuff. A hedge trimmer is measured by the engine size and blade length as well as the strokes per minute. More strokes mean that it will cut the bushes more precisely. A homeowner-class hedge trimmer will be about 25cc with an 18 inch blade and 3,500 strokes per minute.

Pair all of these tools with a rake to clean up refuse and you can trim your own trees.

Commercial or residential, we look forward to being your tree professionals.

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