What Tools Do You Need to Trim Your Trees? - Arbor Safe

What Tools Do You Need to Trim Your Trees? - Arbor Safe

Ideally, the only tool you need to trim your trees is a telephone. The most reliable and easiest way to get your trees trimmed is to call a professional who will come to your house and trim your trees for you. They’ll do the most reliable job and do it to exactly your specifications. However, if you want to touch up your trees in between professional tree trimming appointments, you need to make sure you have the right tools at hand. Here’s what you need.


You need to make sure you have a reliable chainsaw on your property. The type of chainsaw you need depends on the trees and how much work you intend to do on your property. If you’re only going to do the occasional tree trimming of small branches and bushes, then you could likely use a cordless electric chainsaw. That way, you won’t have to keep gasoline on hand or worry about engine maintenance; however, you’ll need to makes sure you charge the battery before you do. If you need a little more power, a corded electric chainsaw will work. In that case, you’ll need a very long extension cord, though.

The simplest and most reliable chainsaw is a gas-powered chainsaw. They’re very affordable and come in many sizes. They come in different bar lengths and different engine sizes. A standard gasoline chainsaw has a bar length about 18 inches and probably a 40cc engine. If you are doing light work, you can go smaller. If you’re doing heavy work, you need a bigger one.

Pole Saw

A pole saw is a chainsaw that’s on the end of a long pole. You have two basic options. An independent pole saw is much like a chainsaw but will have a much smaller bar and engine. You can use it to trim up high from the trees. You can also get a pole saw attachment. These are typically pole saws without engines. They attach to string trimmers and convert your weed eater into a pole saw. If you’re going to be doing high trimming, you should probably just call a professional.

Hedge Trimmers

There are two basic kinds of hedge trimmers. Hedge shears are basically giant scissors that cut through leaves and branches. If you have a lot of work to do, a power trimmer has blades that oscillate. They allow you to do faster and more precise work.

These three things, along with a rake, can make it possible to keep your trees trimmed between appointments.

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