Top Summer Tree Trimming Questions in Boise | Arbor Safe

Top Summer Tree Trimming Questions in Boise | Arbor Safe

If you have questions about caring for trees in the summer, we have answers. These are the four most commonly asked questions related to summer tree care. Summer is a popular time to make improvements to your yard and enjoy time outside. When making yard improvements you may find that you have a lot of questions about your existing trees and new trees. Trees are a great asset for any yard because they provide shade, curb appeal and even property value. Shade trees can even reduce your electricity bills.

  1. Can trees be planted in the summer? Summer is not an ideal time to plant a tree because it is the big growth season. Spring and fall are the ideal planting seasons because it is less likely to stress the tree in these milder weather seasons. Trees planted in the summer can deplete their strength recovering from being transplanted and then have no injury left to survive winter. Trees that have been grown in containers and have established roots and are healthy may be able to survive a summer planting but will need extra care and a lot of watering.
  2. Can fruit trees be pruned in the summer? The dormant season is the ideal season to prune trees but if done properly pruning can be done in any season. Consider why you are pruning the tree before starting. If you are pruning for aesthetic you may want to wait until fall but if you have safety concerns, there is no need to wait. If your fruit trees have too much fruit, too many branches especially older dead branches, or branches that are close to power lines or a building you should prune these.
  3. How much water does a tree need? The amount of water your tree needs is based on a few factors. The age of your tree is one thing to consider. Young trees often need more water than older more mature trees. In the first year or two trees need 20 gallons of water a week. Mature trees only need to be watered once or twice a month, when in a drought you may need to supplement mature trees more to make up for lack of rain.
  4. How can I protect my trees from summer storms? Wind and lighting are big parts of summer storms, if your tree have been struck by lightening and wind has damaged it you will need to remove any dangerous branches. An arborist should be called to check the overall health of the tree to see if your tree will recover from the damage.

Trees are a vital part of our landscape and don’t need a lot of care but can use some love. Having trees professionally tended to can improve their appearance and longevity.



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