When is a Tree Too Big to Remove Yourself? This Could Save Your Life!

When is a Tree Too Big to Remove Yourself? This Could Save Your Life!

Most of us believe that we can do nearly anything if we set our minds to it! In many cases we are likely correct. However, there comes a time when removing a large tree on your own may be a poor idea. As a matter of fact, it could cost you your life. Here are a few reasons why you should call a professional tree removal company that is known for large tree removal.

Trees are Deceptively Heavy

Trees are incredibly dense, weighing far more than you may think. Even a “small” tree will surprise many weekend DIY enthusiasts. According to an article on Lovebackyard.com, an 80-foot hardwood tree with a 24-inch diameter can weigh 10 tons! That’s 20,000 pounds. To give you some perspective, the average Sport Utility Vehicle, or SUV, weights about 5,000 pounds. You have no business cutting down trees of that weight, ever, unless you are an experienced arborist with the right tools and skills.

Crowded Areas are Especially Dangerous

How many of us have watched the Youtube videos of trees being felled perfectly between two houses? Again, unless you have years upon years of experience, you are more likely to take out both houses than to land between them. It’s one thing to cut down a tree in the forest and let it fall where it may. It’s another thing altogether to cut down a tree around structures you don’t want to destroy.

Powerlines are Dangerous!

If you are anywhere near a powerline, stop immediately and call a professional tree removal company. Powerlines are dangerous. That is obvious. What may be less obvious are the costs incurred if you should damage the utility lines. Imagine being the reason your neighbors lose power for an extended period.

That’s a lot of Wood

What would you do with 20,000 pounds of wood? Unless you have a specific plan for it, like building a structure, using it for firewood, etc., you are likely to be overwhelmed at the shear amount of wood you now must deal with. Certified arborists and tree removal specialists have ways to take this worry off your shoulders.

Hire a Boise Large Tree Removal Specialist

Do yourself, your family and your neighbors a favor. If you are dealing with a large tree, call a company that specializes in large tree removal. These companies have the experience required to safely remove trees of all sizes.

Commercial or residential, we look forward to being your tree professionals.

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