How Do Tree Surgeons Remove Stumps? - Arbor Safe

How Do Tree Surgeons Remove Stumps? - Arbor Safe

There is an often forgotten element to cutting down a tree. If the tree has died or you just need it removed for some reason, it will leave behind a stump. Many people forget to consider what to do with the stump. In many ways, removing  stump is actually more difficult than cutting down a tree. So, if you hire someone to cut down a tree, you should definitely consider hiring them to remove a stump. If you cut the tree down yourself, you should still consider hiring someone to remove the stump. Here are a few of the ways to remove a stump.


Softening the Stump

 If the stump is very large or if it’s a resilient hardwood, you’ll likely need to soften the stump. There are stump removal chemicals that you can buy at a hardware store. First, you need to drill several deep holes into the stump. The larger and deeper the holes the better. You’ll then pour stump remover into the holes. Finally, you’ll pour boiling water into the holes after the stump remover to dissolve it into the wood.

The stump remover will eat away at the wood of the stump. You’ll have to wait days or weeks for it to do its work.


Dig It Up

 If you’ve softened the stump over time or if it’s a fairly small stump, you might be able to dig it up. The roots of a tree run pretty far horizontally, so you might have to dig up a wide radius around the stump. If you have a chainsaw, you might be able to dig around the biggest roots and cut those. Then you can dig up the stump.


Burn It

Every locality has different rules about starting fires on your property. If you consult with local laws and are allowed to create a controlled fire, there are ways to burn the stump. Typically, you won’t completely burn the stump. Instead, you’ll burn enough of it that it become structurally unsound and you break it up with a shovel. Then, it will slowly compost back into your soil.


Yank it Out of the Ground

 If you have a truck or a towing winch, you might be able to yank the stump out of the ground. That’s typically how the professionals do it. Wrap a chain around the stump and pull it out with your truck.

If all of this sounds like too much work for you, hire a professional tree surgeon. They’ll likely use one of these methods.

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