Hire Tree Trimmers in the Winter - Arbor Safe

Hire Tree Trimmers in the Winter - Arbor Safe

It might seem counter intuitive but the winter is the best time to hire tree trimmers. It’s the best time from the standpoint of tree health as well as logistics and cost. Here are a few reasons you should hire tree trimmers in the winter.

1 — Tree Trimming Companies are Less Busy

From a purely logical standpoint, tree trimmers are less busy during the winter. Most people hire them when the weather is nice and their trees are growing out of control. Therefore, their schedules will be wide open during the winter. You’ll be able to select whichever date and time works best for you. That’s especially helpful if you work normal business hours or if you work on the weekend. Tree trimmers also work normal business hours and on the weekend; if you want to be at the house when they come by, that could be a problem. It’s less of an issue in the winter.

2 — They Have Better Rates

Companies can handle the winter slowdown in one of two ways. They can choose to scale back their workforce and up their prices so they capture those who are truly desperate for tree trimming. The alternative is offering deep discounts for service to drum up business; those are the companies you’re looking for. Look for companies offering either lower rates across the board or coupons for certain kinds of service.

3 — Trees are Easier to Trim

With the exception of evergreen trees, most trees lose most of their leaves each winter. That means they’re much easier to trim; after all, the trimmers are cutting branches, not leaves. When the trees have their full foliage, that’s a bunch of extra stuff that the trimmers have to cut or try to work around. It can impede the cutting and also make it more difficult to make precise cuts.

Furthermore, it creates more trash on your lawn. If you’re not having the tree trimmings hauled away, you’ll definitely benefit from fewer leaves.

4 — It’s Healthier For the Tree

Most trees go dormant during the winter. That’s why their leaves fall off and they look dead; they’re essentially hibernating. Therefore, tree trimmers will create less damage when they cut off certain branches. The tree won’t waste energy trying to repair a branch that no longer exists. Furthermore, the dormant period is a great time to fertilize a tree. If you are working with a full service lawn care company, they might even fertilize your trees for you after trimming them.

Commercial or residential, we look forward to being your tree professionals.

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