Tree Trimming Can be a Dangerous Business: Leave it to the Pros

Tree Trimming Can be a Dangerous Business: Leave it to the Pros

Trimming your trees on a regular basis is an important job. It can help maintain your curb appeal and therefore your home’s value. It can also take care of safety issues like the branches going too close to a power line or sidewalk. Trimming your trees is essential for their health and beauty, but it is not really a DIY project. While you can do many household repair or maintenance tasks on your own, it is best to leave the tree trimming up to the professionals.

Weakened Trees are Dangerous

There are just too many risks involved when you try to trim trees on your own. First off, you have to consider what you are actually doing. You are making a wound in a tree, which is a living organism not immune to disease. When a wound in a tree does not heal properly or was made by someone who doesn’t really know what they’re doing, the tree might not heal properly, leaving it prone to disease, weakening, and the invasion of pests. A diseased tree is dangerous. The inside of the tree may be eaten away by disease while the outside looks normal. It can fall at any given time. 

Property Damage is a Real Concern

Tree Trimming is DangerousBesides disease and pests, there is property damage to consider when going to prune your trees. Branches are heavy, especially when they fall. Large branches may drop without you knowing where they are going to land. This is risky business. What if the branch falls onto your patio or roof, or some other structure that is in your yard? You may be losing yourself a good deal of money in repairs if this happens. 

Avoid Personal Injury

Another consideration is damage to your person (or some other person). You don’t want to accidentally hurt yourself with trimming equipment such as a chainsaw. What if you drop tools, how bad will the damage be if heaven forbid they should hit another person? A chainsaw wound is no laughing matter, and can cost you dearly in medical bills. Falling branches along with damage from tools is common in cases where a person tries to trim their trees all on their own. 

Use of an extension ladder poses a threat by itself. So what happens when you try to lug a chainsaw or other tool up an extension ladder to trim a tree? Potential catastrophe. You need to make sure that the ladder rises at least three feet above the branch, otherwise the branch that is being cut will rise up over the top of the ladder. Many ladder fatalities occur in this fashion. Best to play it safe. 

Hire a Professional Tree Service and Avoid These Hazards

When it is time to trim your trees, take the job to a professional. This way, you can avoid any number of risks associated with the job. You don’t want to risk your property, your life, or someone else’s for a job that you could easily have a professional do. Play it safe and hire a professional tree service in Boise today.

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