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Why Trim Your Trees in Boise - Arbor Safe

Tree trimming, although it may sound negative, is actually a great maintenance task that can help the tree grow. Landscaping the trees on your property keeps a balanced look throughout and makes your yard look well maintained. Like a haircut, tree trimming can improve the appearance in an astounding way in some cases. Trimming allows you to get rid of the dead branches from the trees that are weighing it down and keeping it from growing new, healthy pieces. Pruning can also direct the way a tree grows, and for those that are trying to save their trees from getting entangled in power lines or from hovering over their home, this is crucial. For fruit trees, trimming encourages more production and a healthier base.

If a tree is left to cope with dead branches during the winter, it has a lower chance of survival, which is why we often recommend careful pruning during the fall (only after all of the trees’ leaves have fallen). Dead branches can harbor diseases and bacteria that can seep into the healthier parts of the tree, bringing the whole plant down. Additionally, the longer dead branches are left on a tree, the higher the chance that they can fall on a structure or someone walking underneath. This can be extremely dangerous, especially with larger trees that spout off thick, heavy branches. Not only can the limb fall and hurt someone, but it could also harm the rest of the tree as well as it falls.

Types of Pruning

There are typically five different techniques when it comes time to trim your trees. For younger trees, structural pruning is important in order to help it establish itself. By choosing which branch will end up being the trunk and which branches might compete with it, you can decide what needs to be trimmed in order to give the tree the best growth trajectory. Once a tree has been growing for a while, it might be time to practice techniques like reduction or raising.

The reduction technique will carefully remove certain branches in order to help the tree grow while still being manageable. Raising cuts lower branches to effectively “raise” the tree. Doing this can help protect structures and things close to the base of the tree without harming its overall health. Dead wooding (which is often what you think of when you hear about tree trimming) is simply removing the dead branches from a tree. The canopy thinning technique is only used on overgrown trees and is done to allow for better light penetration and to help the tree’s structure. Each of these techniques are used for different reasons – if you are unsure of which one to use for the trees on your property, be sure to consult a professional arborist that can tell you exactly what your trees need to be healthy.

Why You Should Never Top Your Trees

Topping a tree will completely remove important branches on the crown of a tree – and most times, will kill the tree. Rather than cutting back the dead branches or parts of the tree that overhang an important structure, this indiscriminate cutting completely chops off the entire top portion of a tree and has multiple names: “tipping,” “heading,” and even “rounding over.” Cutting this amount of tree off of the trunk leaves it susceptible to insects and diseases as it tries to use its remaining energy and food reserves to grow another leaf crop.

Most often, however, the tree doesn’t have enough energy saved up to be able to do so. While a tree is able to treat regular pruning as your hair follicles do – cutting gets rid of the bad for the good to take its place – chopping off this much of the tree is too drastic of a change for the tree to cope with. At Arbor Safe, we do not top trees because of how much it harms it does. Instead, we will try to offer other options that will help preserve the tree.

Using a Professional Tree Trimming Company in Boise

People used to taking care of their property on their own might think that tree trimming is another thing they can do themselves. While in some instances this might be correct, a professional tree trimming company in Boise will be able to tell you exactly what needs to happen to your trees to keep them healthy. Our expert arborists are able to pinpoint the branches that need to be cut in order to reduce the chances of insect infestation and disease from overtaking your property while performing the trimming in the safest manner possible. Most people that attempt to trim their trees on their own have issues with falling branches on their structures or even neighbor’s property. Using a professional eliminates this possibility. In the event that a professional is harmed while on your property, you can know you won’t be responsible for paying for their medical expenses as they will always have the proper workers compensation and insurance coverage.

In most cases, homeowners don’t know tree-cutting laws or protection ordinances in the county they live in. By using an experienced company, you never have to worry about breaking any rules or not getting permits. They will take care of everything while also ensuring the longevity and health of the trees on your property. When looking for a professional tree trimming company in Boise, consider looking for those that are experienced, insured, and can provide testimonials of past work. Here at Arbor Safe, we take pride in being able to provide our customers with the highest quality and safest tree trimming services in the area. Our arborists are all licensed and can help you determine the best strategy for your landscape and vision. When it is time to trim your trees, or you are ready to relinquish the duty of doing it on your own, give Arbor Safe a call.

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