Keep an Eye on Unsafe Trees in Your Yard! - Arbor Safe

Keep an Eye on Unsafe Trees in Your Yard! - Arbor Safe

In the “City of Trees” there are bound to be a few that are potentially posing a danger to your home or business. Unsafe, unstable trees can fall at any time, damaging property or injuring people in the process. It’s important that you keep an eye on the trees on and around your property. Here are a few tips to help you keep your family and property safe from dangerous trees.

Hanging Branches

Dead or detached branches are commonly referred to as “widow makers” for good reason. Branches that are simply resting in the branches around it can weigh enough to kill someone should they happen to fall out of a tree for some reason. They may have been there for years waiting for that strong gust of wind to come loose. Keep an eye out for any branch that you think may pose a danger and call a certified arborist immediately to handle the problem.

Dead Trees

Dead trees will become unstable over time and eventually fall over on their own. It may be years; it may be weeks. It just depends on the tree and the situation! An abnormally wet season followed by gusty winds could bring it down years earlier than normal. If you have a tree that normally blooms but hasn’t this year, call a professional tree service to come take a look. It may be a smart idea to preemptively remove the tree before it becomes a hazard.

Trees Near Power Lines

Believe it not, trees can become “electrified” by nearby power lines. You, your family, friends or pets, an get zapped by your tree if it’s not properly maintained. The best solution is to have the tree removed in most cases. Trees that are near power lines are a fire hazard and shouldn’t be messed with. When it doubt take it out!

If any of these situations sound like something you may be concerned about, call Arbor Safe Professional Tree Management today. We’ll be happy to come help make your home or business a safe place for everyone!

Commercial or residential, we look forward to being your tree professionals.

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