Why Regular Tree Trimming and Removal Is so Important - Arbor Safe

Why Regular Tree Trimming and Removal Is so Important - Arbor Safe

Did you know that trees can cool cities by up to 10 degrees? As global warming is a heightening concern, this is a very important benefit of trees.

Trees can’t do their job if they aren’t properly taken care of. You need to regularly maintain your arbor just as you would maintain other home components.

Tree trimming and tree removal are important maintenance requirements for trees. Why is regular trimming and removal of trees so essential? Keep reading to find out.

Why Is Tree Trimming Important?

Tree trimming is critical but many homeowners overlook this service. There are several reasons why you should trim your trees regularly.

Ensures Health

Tree trimming and pruning can maintain the health of your trees. Pruning involves removing extra branches and branches that are dead and diseased.

Properly pruned trees encourage more air circulation and expose more of the tree to the sun. Both of these factors contribute to healthy growth. Over time, you’ll notice newer branches and sturdier tree structures.

Encourages Fruit Production

Every late winter you can encourage fruit production by pruning fruit trees. This boosts more growth in the spring and summer seasons.

Trees that have to maintain less volume can store more energy and produce more fruit.

Controls Growth

Hiring a tree trimming service can help homeowners control the growth of their trees. Regular pruning makes tree maintenance easier.

Complete pruning in the summer to limit tree growth. Fall and winter trimming does the opposite and encourages more growth.

Tree Trimming and Removal Safety

Regular trimming and removal are important for the health of your trees. However, it’s more important to be safe when you are attempting these processes.

Removing a tree requires the right equipment that only a professional service will have. As a general rule, you should never try to remove a large tree without the help of experts.

Wear protective gear and ensure that your surroundings are clear. Stay prepared for possible damage that could occur from a falling tree.

Use these tips to know what not to do to ensure your safety:

  • Don’t cut trees from a ladder
  • Don’t cut trees near utility lines
  • Don’t disregard local authority regulations

If you have trees near utility lines, always seek professional help. Tree branches that touch power lines are dangerous.

If you don’t know the rules and regulations set by your local authority, experts will.

Dead branches pose a potential risk to life and your property, especially if a big storm hits. Trimming can prevent accidents because it involves cutting off high-risk branches.

Hire Us for Professional Tree Trimming and Removal

Regular tree trimming ensures the health of your trees, encourages fruit production, and controls growth.

If you don’t have the right equipment and expertise to trim trees on your own, always seek out expert help.

Arbor Safe Tree Service specializes in large tree removal, pruning, trimming, and much more! Let us be your partner for all of your tree services.

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