Winter is a Great Time to Trim Trees - Arbor Safe

Winter is a Great Time to Trim Trees - Arbor Safe

Why Winter is a Good Time for Tree Trimming?

You may think of winter as a time where your outdoor space does not need the maintenance required in the summer. While you are not mowing the lawn pulling weeds or raking up leaves there is some maintenance that can be done in the winter to prepare for the summer. Tree trimming is a task that you can do in the winter to get ready for the summer season. Winter is actually an ideal time for tree trimming.

One of the reasons tree trimming is ideal in the winter is because the branches are more visible. The cold temperatures and snow may make you want to stay indoors but they also make your trees dormant. This dormant season means all the foliage falls off the trees so the structure of the branches in the shape of the tree is more visible. This allows a tree trimmer to better spot diseased branches and make a plan for how to trim the tree for an ideal growth pattern. Pruning the tree helps it grow properly. Frozen ground also helps tree trimmers to bring their equipment into your yard.

The dormant season for trees makes winter an ideal time for trimming. Trees work very hard in the spring and summer to grow and produce new branches and leaves. The photosynthesis processWinter is a great time to trim many types of trees is very active during spring and summer months. Trimming a tree during the spring and summer season, especially a tree that produces fruit and blooms may cause it to produce less fruit. The dormant season is a time of rest for the trees, by trimming a tree during the season there is no concern about the competing activities for the tree. You will not produce less fruit or flowers based off of a dormant tree trimming.

Tree trimming is also ideal in the winter because it is better protected from disease. When cutting a tree in the winter there are less microbes and pests to be concerned about. A cut in a tree is similar to a cut in our skin and can let infection in. Bacteria, fungi, insects, and pests are far less of a concern during winter. 

The growth season is coming, trimming a tree in the winter sets it up to grow best. Trimming trees helps to stimulate new growth, removing dying dead and diseased branches helps to conserve energy even further. All the tree’s energy will go to the healthy branches come spring. By trimming the tree right before the growth season you are ensuring maximum growth. Mini homeowners find that their trees produce more fruit or new branches after they are trimmed in the winter.

However, some trees should not be trimmed in the winter. Trees that bloom in the spring like a lilac or ornamental tree are not ideal candidates for winter trimming. These trees already have their bloom buds set and trimming in the winter will reduce the amount of flowers. The time to trim these trees is immediately after the bloom feeds.

Trimming your trees in the winter is a very beneficial process for your trees, a tree trimming service is a great option. Professional tree trimmers come in with all the right equipment, expertise, and battle the cold for you.


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